Monday, May 12, 2008

Search Engine Optimization Solution Part 6

Part 6 of the Search Engine Optimization Solution, Keyword Analysis." is now available. Do keywords really matter? Aren't they old technology that's completely obsolete? Find out here!

Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Ebook How To Make Thousands of Dollars Using Your Web Site

Ebook How To Make Thousands of Dollars Using Your Web Site

Ty Belknap of Intra-Designs, Inc. has created an ebook to help you use your web site to make thousands of dollars per year, or even per month. Read the free ebook, How To Make Thousands of Dollars in Two Days right here. Learn things like:

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Monday, April 21, 2008

Ebook How To Save Thousands Using Your Web Site

Ty Belknap of Intra-Designs, Inc. has created an ebook to help you use your web site to save thousands of dollars per year, or even per month. Read the free ebook, How To Save Thousads of Dollars in Two Hours right here. Learn things like:

  • Save time, money, and man-hours

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Tuesday, September 18, 2007

Tacoma Web Design Frim Intra-Designs Gives Back

After that last post, I wanted to give some good news and talk about how we work with Christian organizations and give back to the community:

Tacoma Web Design Firm Gives Back to Community
September 13, 2007
Intra-Designs ( is a Tacoma web design firm that looks beyond the mortal shell. Part of the mandate of this extraordinary company is to give a minimum of 10% of it’s revenue back to local community non-profit and Christian organizations.
The rest of the article can be read by clicking here.

Sad News

It seems the employee of a competing Tacoma web design company (Artifex Business Solutions) is so frustrated with our success that they've decided to start stealing our intellectual property.

Here's the beginning of the article:
Tacoma web designer Richard Anderson (Richard Ryan Anderson), employee of Artifex Business Solutions Tacoma, has once again broken the law by illegally copying information from Intra-Designs, Inc. (from web site

The full article is on Daffodil Valley Times. Click here to read it.

Monday, August 20, 2007

How to pick a Tacoma SEO company

I was doing research the other day, and came across a post on WebProWord about how many Search Engine Optimization companies are not doing what they are supposed to. It looks like SEO is becoming a marketing scam for some.

That saddened me. We work very hard to get our clients into page 1 of the search engines, and I guess I just expected other companies to do the same. Just type Tacoma search engine optimization, or Tacoma SEO into Google and we're right there. Proper SEO is so important to any business, but it's vital to small and medium sized businesses. It levels the playing field against the bigger companies that can afford those full page ads in the newspaper.

So, in order to help you find a good, reliable, search engine optimization company, we've set up a page of good links for you. Don't take our word for it, these are completely independent companies that have written good articles on what to look for in a Search Engine Marketing company.

Just go to our web site at: Read the articles, knowledge is power!

Tuesday, May 22, 2007 new web site up!

The new web site is up and running! Yes, a Savanna theme is different for a Western Washington company, but we have a reason! :)
We have developed the site around our new tiger logo. That tiger is actually a graphical representation of the Sumatran Tiger Suriya who used to be at the Point Defiance Zoo. Suriya was moved down to Portland to help propagate the species, while her former roommates are still in Point Defiance.
Anyway, we hope you enjoy the new Much more is coming soon!

Saturday, November 06, 2004

Are keywords dead?

How to go from 8000 visitors a month to 8000 visitors a DAY

October 12, 2004

Many people are touting that keywords, the typing of specific words in the code of a Web page, is out-dated and out-moded. Newer programs like Macromedia Flash do no have the option of using keywords if the site is created entirely using that program, and many believe that the new technology is forcing keywords out.

That may be true, but search engines cater to the largest denominator. We in America, and especially Washington where Microsoft is headquartered, think that if we don't have Windows XP then we are behind the times, but this isn't entirely accurate. As of October 2004, Windows 98 is the most popular operating system in the world, with Windows 95 not far behind. These operating systems were never made to view things like Web sites made with Macromedia Flash.

Does that really matter though? We think it does, and here is an example:

Daffodil Valley Times ( is a community Web site created by Intra-Designs to give the people of Puget Sound a place to get information about our area. It's a fairly large site, extending over 200 pages to date, and it's relatively popular. The site recently celebrated 8000 visitors per month (August 2004).

So how did that number jump to almost 8000 visitors a day? Why did 10 times the number of people find Daffodil Valley Times starting the end of September? Keywords. Keywords are not a magical word that will mesmerize people to come to your site by magic. Keywords allow people to find your site when your information is what they are looking for. The proper placement of keywords, both in the back-end code and on the Web site itself, could produce surprising results when you least expect it.

So what keywords are prompting almost 8000 people to flock to Daffodil Valley Times every day? Mt. St. Helens, of course. Like I said, sometimes the right keyword will produce surprising results when you least expect it. DVT happens to have a Webcam of Mt. St. Helens. Those few keywords, on that one page, have guided surfers using over 58 different search engines to DVT. We have had that Webcam for two years, and relatively few have visited it, but they say timing is everything. The right keywords, combined with the timing of the event, enlightened 250,000 people to the existence of DVT. It would be an enormous price to pay for that kind of advertising.

Keywords are not dead. The days of using misleading keywords are. Search engines are getting smarter about identifying keywords, and identifying Web designers that use misleading keywords. The "art" of using keywords on Web sites is becoming a very specialized field. Most designers don't know how to do it.

These statistics show you that we at Intra-Designs ( take our work very seriously. We are Search Engine Specialists. We don't just say it, we prove it. We have won over 15 awards for Web site design. We have designed over 10 sites that hit #1 in Google for certain keywords. We have designed sites for businesses, civic organizations, educational groups, and government structures.

Contact us today, and we will get started on your own personal Elegant Design for a New Millennium.